Box of Crayons

Classroom Schedules

Room 1


12 months & up

Room 4


3 years & up

Room 2


19 months & up

Room 5


3.5 years & up

Room 3

Older Toddlers

2 years & up

Special Activities

Rooms 2 thru 5 participate in weekly classes from September to June of Yoga and Suzuki music. These classes are taught by instructors that specialize in their field.

Wooden Cars


At ICDC we use a handy app to communicate with families.

HiMama is designed to provide daily reports for families. These daily reports tell the families the important details of what went on in the child's day; how they ate, slept and if they need supplies.


 Our educators can also send pictures of what the children are doing and link the activity to one of the holistic goals identified in the Alberta curriculum framework FLIGHT.

Our team is able to send out important notices; closure dates, monthly newsletter etc.


The app messaging system provides a way for the educators and families to communicate with one another.